Our refinishing services are warranted against peeling, blistering or warping. Bathtubs, fiberglass units, bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops and ceramic tile refinishing are covered for 2 years from the date of application. Kitchen and laundry sinks are not warranted due to the heavy wear and tear, heavy impacts, chemicals and heat they are often subjected to. However, these items are commonly refinished by us and can last for many years when handled with care.
Our warranty does not cover damage such as general wear and tear, chemical stains, negligence, accidents, abuse, etc. All newly refinished surfaces may have what we call dust bumps. Because the tub is not sprayed in a spray booth, any dust in the area may settle in the surface causing minor rough spots. Generally, these can be rubbed off with a sponge and dish soap. Our professional staff can also buff out the finish for $65.00. You can attempt to smooth this out yourself by applying a barrier of soap and water then gently rub with 6000 grade wet/dry sandpaper and work your way up to 12,000 grade wet/dry sandpaper. Buff with a dry cloth and the surface will be smooth and shiny. Any work done by customer does risk voiding warranty.
Rusting, chips, and scratches are not included in the warranty coverage, even if the damage happens unknowingly. This warranty does not cover the above items just as the original fixture was not warranted by the manufacturer against this type of damage.
Please read the instructions for care and maintenance before using the refinished surface. The quality of our workmanship and the integrity of our process are guaranteed.